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The Southern Maine United Soccer League will play from June to October at field locations in the greater Portland area. The league is a Men’s league (although women are invited to play) and will offer both league and playoff games. This document will outline the logistics, by-laws, and fees associated with the league. Please review carefully.


  • Board Of Directors will be responsible for calling meetings, securing fields/equipment/referees and paying referees and facilities.


  • Due to the time constraints with specific fields the games must start and end on time. If the game is delayed for any reason the referee and captains will discuss how to manage the time to ensure the next game starts on time.


  • Teams may carry a roster of up to 25 players. All rosters must be submitted to the league co-chairs and Ref Coordinator by First game. If a team has not submitted a roster and plays a game, the game is subject to forfeit dependent on the referee/captains decision at game time. No Roster = No Official Game. No players may be added to a roster post this date.


  • League expenses are expected to include Fields, Refs, Trophies, Misc(admin/website). Cost per team to be determined from year to year. Please contact the board for more information on submittal of payment. The deadline for team payment is no later than two weeks prior to the seasons first game. If it is not paid by then, or the board emailed regarding your circumstance then your team will not be on the schedule.


  • Uniforms- All teams must have matching shirts with numbers on the back.

  • Game Balls-Balls are to be supplied by the league. Held by the refs, but everyone’s responsibility to keep safe.

  • Game Rules- FIFA Rules apply, with the following exceptions:

1) Due to the time constraints with specific fields the games must start and end on time. There are no overtimes. Games may end in a tie. Halves are to be 40 minutes. If the game is delayed for any reason the referee and captains will discuss how to manage the time to ensure the next game starts on time.

2) Substitutions are at the referees discretion. Substitutions are to enter/exit the field from the center field line.

3) No Slide Tackling of a Player in possession of the ball.  Sliding to save a goal, save a ball from going out of bounds etc is acceptable as long as an opposition player is not within 3 yards. Slide tackling is a yellow card offense, not a warning. This is at the referee's digression and their call is final.

4) Yellow Cards/Red Cards will be issued pursuant to FIFA Rules. Any red card must be reported to the SMUSL co-chairs. The majority of the oversight committee, in its sole discretion may increase any red card suspension to up to 5 games. Any player who accumulates 3 red cards in a season will be suspended from further play for the remainder of the season. Any team that fields a suspended player will forfeit that game 1-0. Red cards issued for fighting or abusive language will result in a automatic suspension of one game and a review from the Disciplinary Board. The Disciplinary Board, after hearing from all parties involved, maybe increase this suspension as they deem suitable. Yellow cards will be issued immediately to any players other than the designated captain for arguing with the referee. A second incident during that game will result in a Red card. A player accumulating 2 Yellow card in two consecutive games or a Red card will be suspended for one game. Any Intentional Physical Contact with an official by a player, or with a player by an official, on or off the field, before, after or during a game will result in termination from the league.This applies to players and officials.


  • The referee will record the score of the game, the scorers, and any cards. Information will be emailed to the Web Administrator following game nights.


  • 3 points for a win.

  • 1 point for a tie.

  • No points for losses.


Trophies will be awarded for league champion (based on total points, then goals differential, then total goals, then head to head, then coin toss); playoff champion (single elimination).


  • Referees play a critical part of the success of the Southern Maine United Soccer League (SMUSL). This page was created to provide a summary of the administrative and league-specific details needed by referees working in SMUSL. It is the responsibility of each referee to be familiar with these regulations and to support them completely. Game rosters are to be printed by the referees in advance of the game to ensure the eligibility of all players, hand-written alterations to the game roster (other than shirt number changes) are PROHIBITED. Captains should have a backup copy of their latest roster as backups. Player ID check is required minutes before kick-off, the referee should verify that each player's name is on the Game Roster. In the event that there is a question about a player or roster, to prove their identity, players must produce a valid driving license, passport, or some equivalent government-issued picture ID. Any player who cannot present a suitable ID or who does not appear on the Game Roster, is considered INELIGIBLE and must not be allowed to play. Players arriving late to the games may play whenever they are ready but must check-in at half time.In any case, if a player that is ineligible plays any amount of time the game is considered a forfeit 3-0.


  • All league games shall be played in accordance with the current rules of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), except as amended by the League. Substitution Policy - Free substitution will be allowed at goals, goal kicks, and half time. A team may also substitute during their own throw-in and during the opposing team's throw-in if the opposing team substitutes at that time. If play is stopped due to injury or if a player receives a yellow card, the injured or carded player may be substituted and the opposing team may elect to match this substitution. If the field is not properly lined and equipped, the Referee may choose to abandon the game. The Referee has the option to allow the game to go ahead even if the field is not not properly lined and equipped. However, both team managers must agree with this decision and the field problems must be noted in the Referee's game report.


  • Games must start no later than ten (10) minutes after the scheduled kick-off time. If at this time the Referee determines that a team is unable to play due to an insufficient number of players, unsuitable uniforms, inadequate player equipment, or unsuitable field preparation, the Referee may abandon the game. The Referee and Assistant Referees are entitled to their game fees, to be paid in full.


  • If the field is declared unplayable due to weather conditions, the Referee(s) are entitled payment. A Referee or Assistant Referee who fails to arrive within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled kick-off time is not entitled to a fee. If no Referees are present, the managers may themselves appoint a Referee and play the match, or they can elect to re-schedule. Referees are assigned and hired on a game by game basis. The league reserves the right to replace the referee at any time, for any undisclosed reason. Any dispute with referees should not be taken up before, during or after a game. Disputes should be in writing to the league officials.

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