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The regular season is now over.  All honors to Duppy Conquerers ending the season in first place making them this years regular season champs! They take the top seed moving into the playoff round.
This weekend starts our playoff season. Knockout round from here on out, and the format is as follows. Games are also posted to the website at
All games to be played at Scarborough.
Sunday 10/2:
Game 1, 8:30 am : (1)Duppy vs. (8)Dragonfire
Game 2, 10:10 am: (2) B. Boru vs. (7) Ruskis
Game 3, 5:30 pm: (3) Deering F.C vs. (6) Bowley Builders
Game 4, 7:10 pm: (4) S.M.F.C vs, (5) Local 188
Sunday 10/9:
Game 1, 8:30 am: Winner game 1 vs, winner game 4.
Game 2, 10:10 am: Winner game 2 vs. winner game 3.
Sunday, 10/16:
Championship game, 7:30 pm: Winner game 1 vs. winner game 2.
A reminder to all that Rosters are in play here, every captain has the right to question an opponent beforehand each game. All captains should have rosters on hand and be prepared should it be needed, otherwise risk a forfeit.
Thank you and good luck to all!

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O30 Division News

Hello all-

Week three as it stands. No games for the upcoming July 4th weekend. Enjoy with yours and we will see everybody back for another Sunday kick-about on July 10th.

A reminder to all team captains who haven't submitted yet that your rosters are due to the league. Furthermore, all rosters are challengeable at each and every game. Failure to your roster on hand, as well as proof of players age/eligibility may result in players not being allowed to play, or a forfeit.

Thank you.

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O30 Division News

!All honors to Duppy Conquerors on finishing the 2015 season top of the table!

With 39 points earned total from a potential 45 they go into the playoffs as winners of the regular season, and as the new team to the league it's a great acheivment for thier first season. Congratularions to them and be assured they will bring that momentum into the playoffs.

SMFC take the runners up spot, and right behind them sit Brian Boru which once again shows the level of competition has improved and that the playoffs could be anyones game.

Playoff games to be announced this week.

Again, congratulations to Duppy Conquerors.

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O30 Division News

Hello all and welcome back.

Our season start is almost on us! A start date of Sunday June 12th sees us with our opening games all to be played at USM Gorham. This year will have eight teams in our league and the competition is getting even stronger. One of our biggest changes this year will have all the games played in one location every Sunday. This should cut down on people wondering where they are going each week, as well as giving some teams a preference over early vs. later games.

The schedule has already been fed out to team captains, and will be gradually updated right here on 

If you are a player looking for a team we highly recommend visiting us on our facebook page and reaching out to try find a team. You can always reach out through this site as well.

Looking forward to seeing all out on June 12th.

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O30 Division News

Captains and players-

All games today are to be cancelled. The decision was made to ensure everyones saftey with the weather. 

Please enjoy your Fathers Day!

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O30 Division News

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